Anthology 2021/22

Dear members
You are invited to submit work for this year’s anthology. The theme is ‘Borderlands’.
This theme is intentionally broad. For example, it may be interpreted as being about anything relating to the Scottish Borders, the land on either side of the English-Scottish Border, another physical border or boundary, or any non-physical border.

The anthology will only be produced as an e-book this year.
Guidelines for submission:
Prose (short stories, non-fiction) 2,500 words maximum
Poems 40 lines maximum
You may submit more than one piece of work but please keep to the overall word
counts (eg: a short story of 1,250 words and a poem of 20 lines).
Please submit text files in Word (.doc or .docx) format
Submitted work should be suitable for a reader of 16 years and over.
Please include your name clearly on your accompanying email but do not add your
name to your text files.
Written work should not have been previously published, or, following submission in
the anthology, be published elsewhere before the end of October 2021.
Any images used should be submitted separate from text files and at a resolution of
300 dots per inch (dpi).
Deadline for submission:
Friday, 6th August 2021, 17.00 hours.

All work will be read ‘blind’ by members of the committee and ‘light editing’ for
purposes of clarity may be suggested in feedback.
Please email submissions (and any question) to Michael Hutchinson at

Border Voices: Coast & Countryside

Borders Writers Coast to Countryside Cover

The sixth anthology, published in June 2019, sees members reflect on the theme of Coast & Countryside.

Priced £4.99 and available at BWF meetings, via committee members and Borders bookshops. See News page for latest outlets.

Border Voices: Abridged

Borders Writers Abridged Cover-1

There are more than 3,000 bridges in the Scottish Borders. In this fifth anthology, members explore physical, emotional and metaphorical bridges through prose and poetry.

Priced £4.99 and available at BWF meetings and from committee members.

ISBN 978-0-9926261-5-0

Border Voices on Waverley and Other Railways

Published to coincide with the opening of the Borders Railway in September 2015, the fourth anthology offers a selection of poetry and prose inspired by railways and railway journeys around the world.

Priced £4.99 and available at BWF meetings and from committee members.

ISBN 978-0-9567128-3-7

Border Voices on Scottish Borders and Beyond

The third anthology from Borders Writers’ Forum explores frontiers that have meaning in our changing world. Stories, history, opinion and poetry inspired by the region and writers’ links to other lands.

Priced £5.99 and available at BWF meetings and from committee members.

ISBN 978-0-9567128-1-3

Border Voices on Borders Ruins

The second Borders Writers’ Forum collection of stories, tales, history and poetry is inspired by the places, people and landscape of the Scottish Borders, some familiar, others less well-known.

Priced £4.99 and available at BWF meetings and from committee members.

ISBN 978-0-9567128-0-6

Border Voices

The first anthology from the Borders Writers’ Forum presents a taster of members’ writing.

No longer in stock.