Catherine Czerkawska Live Literature Session Thursday 17th November


Catherine’s early literary career began with poems, fiction and BBC 4 radio plays. Now with over 100 hours of aired work plus a huge volume for both major and minor theatres she presented her experiences as an accomplished playwright.

Insights provided covered all aspects of drama from one act plays to professional, amateur and community presentations with a brief mention of one of the latest innovations – ‘a play, a pie and a pint. Specific areas included an understanding of stage direction from the audience’s point of view; why setting, style and form are all key to moving the plot along; character definition as the best starting point; and the importance of monologue.

Due to time constraints she was only able to touch briefly on her latest historical novel, The Jewel – about the life and times of Jean Armour, the wife of Robert Burns but the whole evening was both interesting and instructive and enjoyed by all the members present.

Catherine Cz

by Tony Parkinson

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