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Member’s Spotlight on October 20, 2016 – Harry Scott interviewed by Campbell Hutcheson

Harry Scott, a writer of historical non-fiction, became the first person to be featured in the Member’s Spotlight.harry-scott
Raised in Lauder, where his father had a butcher’s shop, he joined the police in 1967. He transferred to the Scottish Borders in 1971 and moved to Edinburgh in 1992. After
working as emergency planning officer for NHS Borders, in 2004 he became the national emergencies planning officer for NHS Scotland at the Scottish Government. He
retired in 2010. Harry lives in Galashiels with his wife Sheila, who runs a photography business. The couple have two grown-up children.

Harry’s writing was sparked when his wife’s cousin discovered a batch of journals, letters and photographs relating to World War II. They belonged to an uncle, Ian Robert
Waddell, who had been a radio officer in the Merchant Navy during the conflict. He was killed in 1942 at the age of 20 when his ship was torpedoed off the east coast of the
USA. After reading the material, Harry felt it was a great story worth telling.

With the permission of Sheila’s cousin, he wrote “The Radio Officer’s War: Ships, Storms and Submarines” in 2013, going through the self-publishing route on Amazon. To
date, it’s sold about 1,000 copies. Harry feels the story has the key elements – adventure, danger, humour and a love interest – to make a fine film. He’s considering having
a crack at a screenplay.

Since then he has written “Berwick-upon-Tweed – for King and Country: The Story of Berwick and its People during WW1” and “Forgotten Poems and Sonnets from the
Great War”, both published on Amazon.

Harry is writing a fourth book, another historical non-fiction tale. Until it’s complete and published, he’s keeping the subject under wraps.


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