Peebles for Pleasure

Members and visitors enjoyed fine times at the Creative Peebles Festival (August 25 – September 3, 2017). Contributors to the “Abridged” anthology read excerpts from their work at Eastgate Theatre (August 26), while the Open Mic event at Silver Tree Studio (September 2) provided an opportunity for all writers to present five minutes of prose or poetry.

Both events showed that the written and spoken word in the Scottish Borders is in robust health. Positive feedback from participants was pleasing and encouraging. We hope to return to next year’s festival.

The readers were:

Abridged – Campbell Hutcheson (for Gwen and Antony Chessell), Heather Bolton, Ros Anderson (and for Vee Freir), Tony Parkinson (and for Gillian Vickers), Hayley Emberey, Margaret Skea (and for Jane Pearn), Pamela Gordon Hoad and Laurna Robertson.

Open Mic – Tom Murray, Tony Parkinson, Laurna Robertson, Pim Claridge, Ros Anderson, Campbell Hutcheson, Eileen Johnson, Hayley Emberey, Norma Powers, Molly MacIntyre, Philip Hutton, Kathleen Mansfield and Jenny Anderson.

A round of applause to Caroline Adam and festival staff for their assistance and to Theo and Elodie Emberey for help with refreshments at the Open Mic.