Becoming a member is easy!

  1. Check this is the right group for you. Are you an aspiring or established writer? You are. Great!
  2. Do you live in the Scottish Borders, have links, or another interest in this beautiful part of Scotland? You do? Great, again!
  3. Do you have an email address? You do? Excellent, we will need that to keep in touch.
  4. Do you live within travelling distance of the Melrose area? You do? Then we hope to see you at our literary events and meetings. You don’t? We occasionally have Zoom events or on-line Blind Critiques. We also try to provide members with access to an audio recording of our guest speakers.
  5. All that’s left to do is email us at: and tell us your name and a bit about your writing interests. We’ll get back to you very quickly.
  6. Our annual subscription fee is £15, due in September each year. You can pay by cash, cheque, or on-line. This entitles you to free entry at our literary sessions, open mic opportunities, blind critiques, and festive celebrations. It also gives you the opportunity to submit a poem or piece of prose for our anthology published every two years on a pre-set theme.
  7. When paying on-line please enter your name as the reference. Our RBS bank account details, as of July 2022, are: Borders Writers Forum
  • Sort code: 83-23-18
  • Account: 00785670