Sarah Johnston

Sarah ProfileSarah grew up in rural North Northumberland. She moved into the Scottish Borders nearly twenty years ago. Since then she has been building a career as a Nurse Practitioner and raising her two children in Lauder. Now that they are settled in school and developing their own independent identities she has been able to spend more time doing the other things such as walking, cycling, horse riding, reading and writing.

Sarah enjoys writing about the local countryside, history, myths and folklore yet feels a lack of confidence holds her back.  She  wanted some formal education on writing to develop skills and confidence.  She is currently studying towards a degree in Creative Writing with the Open College of the Arts. The course is modular based via distance learning. She has completed Writing skills and the Art of Poetry modules and is currently working on Scriptwriting. She is benefiting from the course and finds it enjoyable. Distance learning  fits around her busy lifestyle but feels it’s isolating at times. She joined the Borders Writers’ forum to gain further support and advice. She now enjoys her role as treasurer for the forum.   Distance learning and writing needs time discipline although she feels she is an expert in procrastination. One of her fellow students suggested they set up a group called the diversionary tactics association, which became inspiration for a poem, She shares it below;


Diversionary Tactics Association

Procrastination is a serious condition

From which I suffer, here’s my admission

Washing and ironing all up to date

My next assignment – that can wait!


Ovens to clean, dust motes to chase,

Yet my course, oh what’s the haste?

I read one book and then another,

Coffee and chat like other mothers.


Weeks pass by, months and a year

Is writing a choice for my career?

Immaculate home is not my dream,

something must change, I scream.


My diversionary tactics must lapse.

Who cares about the sparkle on taps?

The solution is clear, right now, right here

On my keyboard, I type and words appear.