To the Power of Ten

Cancellation of this year’s Borders Book Festival means that the BWF is missing the opportunity to participate for the tenth consecutive year. The committee was preparing to host a special event featuring prose and poetry on the theme To the Power of Ten. The intention was to run a competition for members, with the best being selected for reading by the author/poet at the festival. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has halted those plans.


But all is not lost. The committee has decided to go ahead with To the Power of Ten as a social writing exercise, allowing members to submit work for publication on this website.

The writing parameters are 500 words of prose and 40 lines of poetry. Members can submit one of each. Please ensure that the work is in an accessible digital file (eg a Word document). Files will be formatted in an effort to achieve layout consistency.

Send your work to
Members can comment on published work by completing the form below.

A deadline has not been set for submissions, so get those creative juices flowing To the Power of Ten.

Then by Jane Pearn
To the Power of Ten by Keith Hall
The Power of Ten By Michael Fenty
Decades by Amelia Johnson
Not Paying Attention by Andrew James Paterson
Content by Elisabeth Kelly
Tenet by Toni Parks
2 to P10 by Cate L Ryan
To The Power of Ten by Ros Anderson

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