Committee 2022/23


Hayley Emberey


Ros Anderson


Michael Hutchinson

Membership SECRETARY / Vice Chair

Susan Allen


Barbara Usher


Carol Byers



Peter Munro

Catherine McKerchar

Committee members elected at Annual General Meeting (via Zoom) on April 21st 2022.


BWF Privacy Statement – July 2021

Privacy Information Statement 2021/22

In accordance with the advice of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), this statement is available via the website of Borders Writers’ Forum.
This statement is reviewed annually by the Committee.

Borders Writers’ Forum (BWF) does not share personal data, without permission, with any external organisation, other than with the auditor of the accounts on an annual basis.

Mass email circulations to members about events, competitions and other relevant information are sent as ‘blind’ communications. The only exceptions to this may be for committee mailings where individuals may be tasked with working on specific items and need to communicate with each other.

BWF retains, in electronic form, the following details about members and ‘pay as you go’ attendees, to facilitate communication about future events and writing opportunities:
• name
• email
• date membership subscription or ‘pay as you go’ fee was paid and amount

⦁ BWF financial records are retained securely for 7 years. (Electronically
from the accounting year 2019/20 onwards.)

⦁ In case of any concerns about the way data is held by BWF, or to withdraw consent, please contact the Membership Secretary.

This Privacy Statement was agreed by BWF Committee on: 19/7/2021